The Constant Camera

If you want to be a good photographer, you should have a camera with you all the time. The best photos can present themselves at the least expected moment. If you don’t want to carry your big SLR all the time, then get a tiny point-and-shoot to hang on your belt or keep in your […]

My Two Bits

Or rather, my 4 bits. Every serious DSLR camera on the market today is capable of capturing image information in more than the common 8 bits per channel (24 bits total). Most, like my Nikon D80, have internal hardware that operates with 12 bits of color information per channel, but as soon as you store […]

Gimp vs Photoshop

I’m a techie. I use the Debian distribution of Linux with KDE, Firefox, and Thunderbird. I also use the Gnu Image Manipulation Program, or simply The Gimp. It’s a great program with tons of features that can do just about any kind of image manipulation you want it to do, and fairly easily at that. […]

Art and the Technician

I am not an artist. I can’t draw stick-men with a ruler. The art of photography has not come easy to me, but it’s probably the art I’m best suited for because I’m not the one who has to “draw” the scene. I just have to look for scenes that Mother Nature has already created […]