The Constant Camera

Wear this, Daddy?If you want to be a good photographer, you should have a camera with you all the time. The best photos can present themselves at the least expected moment. If you don’t want to carry your big SLR all the time, then get a tiny point-and-shoot to hang on your belt or keep in your purse.

I have a Casio Exilim 750 I bought refurbished off of eBay. It takes great pictures, is easy to use, and has all the requisites of a serious camera (like RGB histograms). It also records audio and video, is made of stainless steel, and has a fully automatic “dummy” mode that anybody can use. When we’re on vacation, I give this one to my wife (she likes the small size) while I carry the big one around.

Remember, it isn’t the camera that takes great pictures. It’s the person pointing it!

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5 comments to The Constant Camera

  • Ben

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for your comment on my post about a similar topic. I really think that people don’t appreciate the fact that you can’t carry an SLR around with you all the time when they choose a camera. From my personal experience this “feature” is more valuable to the average buyer than the extra control and quality an SLR provides.

    It’s also pretty nice just how many SLR like features many P&S’s have now…

  • Hi Brian,
    I totally agree that having a camera on you at all times is so important! Most of my best shots come when I wasn’t even looking to take pictures that day. I’m still sort of interested in an SLR but I don’t think I make enough formal attempts at photography to warrant such a purchase yet.

    Thanks for the sweet advice.

  • You couldn’t be more right. Just recently I bought a P&S for this purpose. I was always opposed to them, but I realized when I set out to take a great picture (usually some kind of nature hike), I forgot to tell a story. I hiked for a long time to my destination and took photos. I never told about the hike, while my camera was in my backpack.
    I often forget this, but I am trying to take my P&S along to document the story, not just the subject at the end of the way.
    I also write travel stories on OTI. Readers are interested in the journey not only the photographic subject.
    Not to mention I was surprised about the new P&S cameras. They have come a long way.

  • I’ve started an article on telling a story in photographs, but I’m not sure when it will be complete. I just finished a collage of pictures from my sister’s wedding with a stitched panoramic across the middle and various shots blended above and below. It’s a shame I didn’t think at the time to try to do them chronological.

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