Photo Retouching, Ltd.

If you haven’t seen the Dove video “Evolution”, you must watch it. If you have children, especially teenagers and especially girls, show it to them. You can find copies of this video all over YouTube and others, but the original is here: (correction, 2009: was there; might still be there somewhere)

I enjoy […]

Stitching Very Large Panoramas and Mosaics

With new fast computers and cheap memory card storage, capturing and stitching ultra large photographic images has become a snap. In order to get the best possible results you need to plan the image, even before pressing the shutter on your camera. Keep in mind, even though a lot can be post-processed today, […]

Clean-Up on Aisle Four

Sometimes you find what would be a perfect photo except for an annoying blemish or two. Make no mistake: this is an error by the photographer. Part of the art is noticing such things when peering through the viewfinder before taking the shot. However, now that the mistake has been made (and learned from, right?), […]