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If you haven’t seen the Dove video “Evolution”, you must watch it. If you have children, especially teenagers and especially girls, show it to them. You can find copies of this video all over YouTube and others, but the original is here:  (correction, 2009: was there; might still be there somewhere)

I enjoy enhancing photographs (see my article on digital photo retouching). There’s that unspoken challenge to work on it making everything better, fixing even those things that aren’t broken. What are the consequences? It’s in our nature to believe our eyes but it’s gotten to the point that what we’re shown is not what is real, but what advertisers and editors want us to see.

Campaign for Real BeautyWhen we see things often enough, we believe them. And what we believe becomes our reality. Is it any wonder why teens of all ages want cosmetic surgery? They feel they should be comparable to the images they see, not realizing that those images are not real.

Anyway… I could write for hours saying the same thing in a thousand different words, but you already get the point. The video just makes in plain how artificial things can be (and often are). You’ll be glad you watched it.

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