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Wife / Sister / MotherI’m a big admirer of photographers who can capture good images of people. I wish I had the talent, but I don’t. I think the biggest part of it is the connection with your subject. If you’re the kind of person who can go to a party and by the end be friends with a dozen people you’d never previously met, then I think you’re a good candidate for portrait photography. On the other hand, if you’re some semi-famous landscape photographer who used to sit quietly in the corner during those same parties, then perhaps it’s best to stick with Mother Nature.

You have to love your subject matter, or you’ll never capture it well enough to do it justice.

Now tell me… How many of you actually clicked on the link to the semi-famous landscape photgrapher?

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3 comments to People Stuff

  • Brian,

    I agree with you. I find it difficult to capture people well and I think it’s because I can’t seem to make them feel at ease. For me however, I think the issue is simply my own ill-ease at photographing people. I am gregarious and outgoing by nature, but just can’t get there while shooting.

    Go figure.

  • Hi Brian,

    Lovely stuff you have over here.

    How true. Getting the subject into the mood sometimes is much more harder than when actually shooting the subject, especially if he/she is not a professional model. But then, I’ll still try my best.

    P/s: Thanks for visiting my little blog.

    Have a nice day!

    Paul Choo

  • Great picture and great website Brian.

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