About Face

I’ve been using the “K2” theme for WordPress from the beginning but decided I wanted to try something that will use a bit more of the available horizontal space on a typical browser. I’m quite impressed with the “Atahulpa” theme. It’s amazingly customizable even without knowing any HTML/CSS.

I’d be happy to hear what you […]

The Biggest Picture

Ever since I found GigaPan and my friend Andre Gunther wrote his guest article on stitching large panoramas, I’ve wanted to do one. While in Australia, I found a good subject: The Sydney night skyline, complete with Opera House and Harbor Bridge. I spent two hours standing in one spot while I worked out the […]

Moving Picasa Albums To A New Computer

Picasa is a pretty nice little program for organizing your photos and can’t be beat if you compare the price:performance ratio. However, it’s not perfect and one of the ways it’s lacking is when trying to move your photos to a new location either on the same computer or on a new machine.

The easiest […]