October 28th, 2011


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(by Dariel Quiogue)

Roasted ducks at Temple Street Night Market, HK #FoodFriday

(by Simon Sperling)

I had pizza last night 🙂 This is for #foodfriday +Karin Nelson and +Charles Lupica

(by Ståle Askerød Johansen)

#FoodFriday. Birthday in Italy. I have no idea who made them.

(by Shawn McClure)

For #FoodFriday, curated by +Karin Nelson and +Charles Lupica… A bowl of tomatoes from the garden last summer…

(by Karin Nelson)

My newly "halloweened" avatar may spoil your appetite a little bit (yeah right!!!), but nonetheless I expect you all to post some mouth watering pictures of food today, since – you guessed it – it's FOOD FRIDAY again. +Charles Lupica and I will be taking care of this theme and although I prefer fresh blood, I will enjoy every single submission. So tag your photo with #foodfriday, and upload it to your stream to join the food fight! It will get messy!!

(by Wendy Walker Cushing)

I'm at The Pumpkin Patch right now and I've found the two biggest pumpkins to bring home. Can't wait to carve them and roast the seeds! Just in time for the start of #FoodFriday !

(by Liz Lui)

I decided to go with something different for breakfast: cheesecake! I saw this at the bakery and couldn't resist (They know what they doing when they put desserts like this one in the front row of the display window).

Starting from the bottom, there's a layer of butter pound cake, then a thick layer of french vanilla cheesecake and a red ripe strawberry on top.

What are you having this morning?


(by Darwin Yamamoto)

Noodle pie for #FoodFriday

(by David Elefante)


My dinner one night.

#FoodFriday curated by +Karin Nelson and +Charles Lupica

(by Gloria Roldan)


(by Justin Hill)

Sugary Sweet #FoodFriday :- With more 'E' Numbers than you can wave a stick at these Thai deserts, sweets and candies are guaranteed to make any child run around like a headless chicken or thing possessed. Marvelous.

Photography by Justin Hill

(by Jerry Tremaine)

Pondicherry Fish Market..India One for #FoodFriday ;o)

(by Edward Harding)

For #FoodFriday hosted by +Karin Nelson & +Charles Lupica

I do Thanksgiving dinner for my family every year… this the the making of my garlic smashed potatoes from a few years ago.

(by Björn Kleemann)

a most delicious ceviche sampler served at the Azuca restaurant in San Antonio uploaded for #FoodFriday (by +Karin Nelson and +Charles Lupica )

(by Bao Ly)

Shoveling food at you… #FoodFriday

(by Irvin Lin)

Chai Chocolate Orange Marbled Brioche Loaf. Recipe http://www.eatthelove.com/2011/10/chai-chocolate-marbled-brioche/ #foodfriday

(by nomad dimitri)

more kitchen masochism for tonight's #foodfriday

(am i becoming a slave of +Karin Nelson ?)

BUT: is there anything that compares with the child-like comfort of eating home-made pasta?

(by Scott Henderson)

Hot Porketta Sandwich with Pickled Onions and Creamy Peppercorn Sauce #FoodFriday

(by Jon Marlow)

Smoked brisket for #foodFriday

(by Alvin Toro)

Very early #FoodFriday for the biggest bundle of joy to ever walk the earth with a camera: +Lotus Carroll

H.B.D. from the Westside!

(by Stephanie Blair)

I'm hoping the qualifies for #foodfriday, by +Karin Nelson and +Charles Lupica.

My son's first attempt at one of my favorite Italian desserts.

Holy Cannoli

(by Salbjörg Rita Jónsdóttir)

Pumpkin time
For #FoodFriday

We do not celebrate Halloween in Iceland. Allthough it seems to be a growing trend that people around here eat and carve pumpkins and have halloween parties.

My friend from Malaysia made delicious food from pumpkin when we studied in Weimar. This year looking at all the beautiful pumpkins in the supermarket I decided I would try make a pumpkin soup, and use the opportunity and carve a pumpkin, both for the first time. My boys loved the outcome, and to have the pumpkin sitting on our table as we enjoyed the soup. I guess that we just started a new custom in our home. The soup turned out a bit to mild for my taste, anyone know a good recipe?

(by Melissa Solito)

good morning G+! anyone up for beef bulgogi with fried egg and rice for breakfast? ^__^

#foodfriday is curated by +Karin Nelson & +Charles Lupica 🙂

(by Keith Seiffert)

With a Gesture


(by Robyn Morrison)

As the festive season is fast approaching, I thought this post might be timely – my 2 young daughters decided to cater for our festive celebrations a couple of years back & this was the end result – very tempting! I loved the touch with the menu. For #FoodFriday curated by +Karin Nelson and +Charles Lupica

(by Dietmar Descamps)

Another reminder from summer and a double contribution, somehow… Wheat fields make very nice subjects
#FilmFriday #FoodFriday

(by Rene Yoshi)

My daughter made a batch of her own soft chocolate chip cookies… lightly crisp on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. Yum!


(by Steve Boyko)

Snack time… nothing like homemade strawberry jam on toast. #foodFriday

(by Monica Heinakroon)

Ice cream with flavors of Swedish candy, raspberry boats and salty licorice. 🙂

(by Superdave Houdini)


Did someone say food porn?

(by Daniel Hosterman)

Pho downtown today. I've been craving it for a couple of months now.

#FoodFriday by +Karin Nelson and +Charles Lupica

(by Kellianne Hutchinson)

MMmmm all things squash!

(by Amanda Olszewski)

A cheeseburger for #FoodFriday Curators are: +Karin Nelson & +Charles Lupica

(by Ioanna Papouli)

That's what I should start eating…

#FoodFriday curated by +Karin Nelson & +Charles Lupica

(by Rhonda Palooza)

My submission this week for #foodfriday , curators +Karin Nelson and +Charles Lupica

Hot-Pepper Jelly

(makes 4 cups)
Serve with fried foods like hush puppies, or use it to perk up roast duck. I've never eaten roast duck, but okay! Me, I like it warmed as a dipper for egg rolls and also spread over a a hunk of cream cheese and eaten with Ritz crackers. This is also fantabulous as a dressing for a roasted pork loin. Yum yum!

2 red bell peppers
10 jalapeno peppers
1 1/2 cups white distilled vinegar
1 1/2 cups apple juice
1 cup powdered pectin
1/2 teaspoon salt
5 cups sugar

Remove stems and seeds from peppers and cut into half-inch pieces. Combine with vinegar in a food processor and puree. Transfer to a 1-quart container, add apple juice, and refrigerate overnight to let the flavor develop. Make sure there are 4 cups; if not, add more apple juice to make 4 cups. Add the pectin and salt and bring to a boil over medium heat while stirring. Add sugar and return to a rolling boil for 1 minute while continuing to stir. Remove from heat and skim any foam that has risen to the surface. Ladle into four hot, sterilized, 8-ounce canning jars and seal. Let cool on a rack and check that jars have sealed properly.

ENJOY! This is particularly good on a toasted english muffin with cream cheese.

*We substituted 20 home-grown habaneros for the jalapenos and the jelly came out great.

**Recipe courtesy of Southern Living magazine.

(by Harald Walker)

Recipe of the day: Fresh Green Beans and Pears

#vegan #vegetarian #FoodFriday

(by Alex Ortega)

Chicken spaghetti – #foodfriday

(by Isabelle Lafrance)

I guess there's only the #FoodFriday post to add today 🙂
Here's a little something for you, it tastes like summer…
Curators +Karin Nelson & +Charles Lupica

(by Dan Dower)

Home made cookies! "Snack & a half"
For #FoodFriday curated by +Karin Nelson +Charles Lupica

(by Anne Durand)

For Food Friday, some good ole Southern Fried Okra in a delicious sauce from Farm Burger!
Curators are +Karin Nelson and +Charles Lupica

(by William Shevchuk)

Two little birdies in my yard sharing for #FoodFriday TGIF +Karin Nelson +Charles Lupica

(by Eilidh McHale)

Day 20 of my #365project. These are some of the rock buns that my Hubby made, they proved quite popular! I suppose this also fits the #FoodFriday theme..

(by Cheryl Cooper)

My #FoodFriday is sad. I have been crazy at the office and only have this Diet Coke Can. I made a peace sign so you could see me in it. Curated by and thanks to +Karin Nelson and +Charles Lupica

(by Diana Poga)

First time home made sweets. A perfect combination: cream, almonds and coconut.

(by Thomas Paris)

Who wants a piece of carrot cake with raisins for #FoodFriday?

(by Rznag Rmrod)

365 Project – A Photo a Day
Day 16 and i had nearly no time. So i shot my food today. Cheeseburger for real. So no meat, but a breaded gouda and breaded camembert, but with bacon on top.
I love cheese.

And as it`s #foodfriday, curated by +Charles Lupica and +Karin Nelson this fits perfect.


#365 #365project #365group

(by Baber Afzal)

You asked for it +Karin Nelson! LOL! Here is my #foodfriday
Here are my 2 pictures I took for a client of mine before he opened his turkish ice cream shop. 🙂

I know for sure that most of you would find the ice cream in the cup delicious and like what most of you would do, I gulped it right after taking this picture. 😀 LOL!

The chef in the right is holding onto the vanilla flavored ice cream and the reason why it is dangling like that is because it is mixed with flour but DAMN it tastes good! :))

(by Ron Wiecki)


From a while ago. One of my first RAW photos.

(by Jill Saur)

#FoodFriday# Curated by +Karin Nelson & +Charles Lupica
Red Pepper Painting by Jill Saur

Oh, how I love to paint using a palette knife, as is expressed in this painting that went to a client in Hawaii. It's called "Red Pepper Delight". Today, I'm starting on a 4 foot by 4 foot palette knife painting of flowers. Oh, this is going to be fun!


(by Brittany Nelson)

Bit of a boring night, so I made some pumpkin puree with my tiny pumpkin (which then got made into pumpkin cookies!)

Edit: Just realized this could fit into #FoodFriday !
curated by +Karin Nelson and +Charles Lupica

(by Mae Hogan)

A caterer's version of an Indian Street vendor's snack… (meaning safe for me to eat)


(by Charles Lupica)

#foodFriday curated by +Charles Lupica and +Karin Nelson

By now most of you know it's FoodFriday so this is just a reminder and my contribution for the theme.

Candied orange slices dipped in Swiss Chocolate from the confiserie (chocolate and sweet shop) just around the corner.

Just a reminder, if you have what you think is a killer food shot, add the hash tag #plusphotoextract to be considered by PhotoExtract.com as one of the best photos on G+ for the day.

(by Melodie Douglas)

#FoodFriday Curated by +Karin Nelson & +Charles Lupica
On the Chopping Block
One of my first pastel paintings.

(by Daniel Chen)

Eggplant With Garlic Sauce

My contribution for #FoodFriday

Literally translated from Chinese, it means 'fish fragrant eggplant'. But not only does that not sound too appetizing, in reality this dish does not contain any fish! Spicy garlic sauce is the key ingredient in this dish, and if available, Sichuan peppercorns.

I tend to prefer the northern Chinese preparation (usually also found in Chinese Korean restaurants), where the eggplants are crispy on the outside because they are fried instead of braised.

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