October 28th, 2011


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(by Lee Daniels)

We all started somewhere…

+Christina Rollo +Candace Hansen does it count for #FrogFriday?

(by Keith Seiffert)

Taking it all in

Does this count for #FrogFriday?

(by Antonino Carlentini)

#Animal #Frog

#FrogFriday curated by +Candace Hansen and +Christina Rollo

(by Jaanus Terasmaa)


(by Fatman Lee)

#FrogFriday Curated by +Christina Rollo and +Candace Hansen

(by Sherry McBriar)

Here is one for #FrogFriday curated by +Christina Rollo, & +Candace Hansen.

(by Chris Hansen)

A Pacific Tree Frog from Mendocino county,California from my backyard. they love my backyard in the spring. Photographed and released.

(by ShellB VanPelt)

Here is a little guy I found hiding in the leaves for #FrogFriday curated by +Christina Rollo and +Candace Hansen Now your Frog will not be so lonely +Paul Reeves

(by CB Friedland)

Killer Bullfrogs

When we built our house across from a large pond, we knew that we were going to be living with wildlife in our front yard and welcomed it. We moved into the house in November (part of the "quiet" season) and set things up. Spring rolled around and we noticed tadpoles the size of a silver dollar in the pond. Then their elders woke up and could be heard croaking all night long, even through closed windows. So the joke around the house became that since we were in their space… one day a frog hitman would knock on the front door and declare, "it's time for you to go!" Hence, they have been our "Killer" Bullfrogs ever since.

Go ahead, stare into this guys eyes and tell me that he isn't ready to pounce and take you down! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Of course… this my entry for #frogFriday, curated by +Christina Rollo and +Candace Hansen

(by Paul Blackman)

#FrogFriday curated by +Christina Rollo and +Candace Hansen

This little fella was quite happy to sit still for his shot.

(by Adam Kumiszcza)

Frog Friday

Reshare for #FrogFriday curated by +Candace Hansen & +Christina Rollo.
European Tree Frog – Hyla arborea – photographed in Stawy Milickie, Poland.

(by Denise Goldberg)


Hiding in plain sight…

(by Bryce Hansen)

Frog Friday
Found this guy on my deck just hanging out.

(by Michael Lawson)

Here's one for #FrogFriday curated by +Christina Rollo and +Candace Hansen . I found these little guys on a rock in a window well of an abandon school building. This is only part of the scene, there were probably 20-25 of them in there total.

Frog Party

(by Dominique Morice)

A few frogs for Frog Friday!
Curators are +Candace Hansen and +Christina Rollo.

(by Eustace James)

#FrogFriday — curated by +Christina Rollo and +Candace Hansen!

(by Jasmin Eifrig)


Just wanted to show you these little guys.
Dendrobates tinctorius (now) or Dendrobates azureus (until ~1970) I think.

The photograph itself is not quite good, there was not enough light and I only had my compact camera with me.

These frogs belong to the Helsinki Zoo in Finland, picture taken in August this year.

(by Judy Chandlee)

#FrogFriday thanks for curating +Christina Rollo and +Candace Hansen
hohum…frogs never look to excited, at least not the ones I've seen! there were a pair of these in the pond at Ash Hollow State Historical Park, this one had the black ring and the other one had a green ring. Guess I should Google it! lol

(by Janelle Yates)

All the possibilities in the Friday themes!!! I'm going to have to start with this guy this morning… #FrogFriday curated by +Christina Rollo This guy was steadfastly ignoring me and the kids as we explored his little world…

(by Claudia Leverentz)

Its Frog Friday again! ๐Ÿ™‚
Curated by +Christina Rollo and +Candace Hansen

(by Jan Tore Skrรฅmestรธ)

#FrogFriday, curated by +Candace Hansen and +Christina Rollo

Porto Nacional, Tocantins, Brazil

(by Sharon Jeannette)

"You watch turn one and I'll watch turn two". Spotted these guys in a pond in the middle of the Laguna Seca Raceway. They are petitioning for a big screen so they can not only hear the action but see it too! #frogfriday curated by +Candace Hansen & +Christina Rollo

(by Paul Smith)

I know it's not Friday here anymore but:

#FrogFriday =)

(by Susan Bound)

Frog Friday
Curated by +Christina Rollo and +Candace Hansen #FrogFriday

(by Jason Kowing)

Happy Frog Friday!

This is a toy frog that my mother&step father-in-law picked up in Norway. You strum the little wooden bat over the back of the frog and it makes a really low froggie croak sound!

It's awesome! Ha ha ha! Ha! Heh. Hem…. for about a minute. Then it gets a little annoying.

#FrogFriday (curated by +Christina Rollo)

(by Mike Vore)

A Green Frog for Frog Friday on Friday

At Lily Ponds Water Garden Lily Ponds, Md.

for #FrogFriday curated by +Christina Rollo +Christina Rollo

(by Dave Welling)

Here is my offering for #FrogFriday
Hope you enjoy. Comments, critiques, shares greatly appreciated.

(by Julian Hoffman)

Great to hear that toads are included in #frogfriday, as so often they're the unlovely cousin. Here's a common toad, Bufo bufo, from Greece for +Candace Hansen . Typically nocturnal, it's always a delight to see one out and about in the day when those eyes catch the light.

(by Norm Leonard)

#FrogFriday +Candace Hansen

(by Bratislav Vidanovic)

My contribution for #FrogFriday ๐Ÿ™‚ enjoy!

(by Charles Lupica)

Well, it's not Saturday yet so here's my entry for
#FrogFriday curated by +Christina Rollo and +Candace Hansen

A frog free-for-all, although I think there was a lot of heavy breathing going on.

(by Crickett McKinney)

This was my first critter on my farm. He was living in our shed when we first moved here. I named him Seymour. Seymour's "job" that summer was too scare the daylights out of the two green city slickers by jumping every time they went to the shed. Those goof balls were too busy looking for snakes. (and still are)

For #FrogFriday which is curated by +Christina Rollo & +Candace Hansen

(by Candace Hansen)

It's #FrogFriday everyone – my favourite day on Google+ ! Ready to have some fun? Then let's hop to it! This is going to be frogalicious!

If you want to get in on the fun and share your photos for #FrogFriday all you have to do is insert the following hashtag with your photo: #FrogFriday. Be sure to tag your two frog-lovin' curators as well in your post: +Candace Hansen (myself) and +Christina Rollo. At the end of the day, I'll put up a post shining the spotlight on a few of my favourite finds on here!

Don't have any photos to share but still want to get in all the fun? Not a problem! You can enjoy the day vicariously through others here! Just type #FrogFriday in your search bar or click the hastag highlighted in this post ๐Ÿ˜€

Ready to have some fun? Then let's hop to it! This is going to be frogalicious!

Here's my contribution to kick things off (did you know frogs are called kikkers in Dutch btw?) We had a great deal of fun finding and filming frogs not just during the day but also at night!

(by Claude Rieth)

(Fri04) Frog Soup

So here's a nice frog, swimming in his soup… Took the photo some 5 or 6 years ago.

+Candace Hansen Does frog soup qualify for #FrogFriday ?

tl;dr: Green!

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