April 24th, 2012


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(by Dave Renz)

GN G+ers hope u had a good Tuesday today πŸ™‚
#todaytuesday !
for +Brian White

(by David Hoffman)

Hmmm, yesterday I was in Yosemite Valley shooting dogwood blossoms in the warm spring sunshine. Today we awoke to chilly, gray mists in the forest here near the park. This photograph was taken this morning just a few steps from our front door.

Ponderosa Pines in the Mist – Mariposa County, California

#treetuesday curated by +Christina Lawrie
#todaytuesday curated by +Brian White

(by David Heath Williams)

This morning's sunrise Bray Co-Wicklow Ireland. This was my first sunrise since early March…..beautiful it was too πŸ™‚

#todaytuesday #seatuesday

(by Christoph Leisegang)

April 24, 2012 #day115

#todaytuesday by +Brian White
#bokehtuesday by +Bob Baxley +Bokeh Tuesday

(by linda stokes)

when today first started … #todaytuesday for +Brian White #landscapephotography #sunrise #mobilephotography

(by Craig Szymanski)

Something for #TodayTuesday by +Brian White

(by Terry Robinson)

Discovered some great textures while dropping off my car with the mechanic today. #tuesdecay #tuesdaydecay with +Ian Ference #todaytuesday with +Brian White #transporttuesday with +Gene Bowker +Joel Paul +Steve Boyko +Michael Earley +TransportTuesday This is not my car.

(by Myrna Weinreich)

Having fun with my camera in WIlliamsburg!

#todaytuesday +Brian White

(by Doug Griffin)

CP 4421

Ok guys, I have to warn you. My office is right next to the Canadian Pacific tracks, and a train goes through during my lunchtime walk at least three times a week. Usually I'm on the phone talking with my wife, and she isn't real thrilled with this background noise, but I'm fascinated with trains my whole life, ever since my dad brought home the Tyco and Lionels.

I'll try to be creative. I'm sure a picture of a red train with a different number every week, might get a bit old. Well for some people anyway. πŸ™‚

#transporttuesday curated by +Gene Bowker +Joe Paul +Steve Boyko and +Michael Earley +TransportTuesday
#todaytuesday curated by +Brian White
#trains #trainspotting

(by Andika Sutanto)

Day 90 – Small Life
Another macro shot today πŸ™‚
I guess this was a lucky shot.
My lens was fogging, due to sudden change in temperature from my bag to the outside environment.
IMO, the fog kinda give the morning misty feel.

(by Mike Runyon)

Yoda & Molly found a discarded stuffed toy on their morning walk today and proceeded destroying it once they had it home. Yoda carried it about 10 blocks to get it home!
For #TodayTuesday curated by +Brian White

(by Eilidh McHale)

Day 199 of my #365project B&W for the #365weeklytheme by +Patricia dos Santos Paton , +Susan Porter , +Vesna Krnjic and +Simon Kitcher and grass for #grasstuesday by +Ray Bilcliff , +Marilou Aballe and +Margaret Tompkins , #grasspoker by +Jules Falk Hunter , +Martin OBER , +Steven Sherwin and +David Murphy . #bokehtuesday by +Bob Baxley and #todaytuesday by +Brian White

(by James Wilson)

Day 115/366 "Head On"

I love Spring, too bad it got gray pretty quick, I caught a glimpse though early this morning and shot this. πŸ™‚ I made it a bit more warm in Lightroom to simulate more sunlight, the gray made it too blue.

Enjoy and happy Tuesday πŸ˜€

+G+ 365 Project #creative366project #bokehtuesday #todaytuesday #springfevertuesday

(by Charlotte Therese BjΓΆrnstrΓΆm)

Soooo…. I suppose I just found the reason why there are no small birds living in the bird house this spring… Don't miss the final very revealing photo in this album!

And it's maybe also the same reason to why the dove couple have left their nest which is situated in the same tree.

But s/he's so cute… πŸ™‚

#squirrelsaturday (I'll try to remember to repost this on the right day later)
#portraittuesday +Laura Balc (squirrel portraits…lol)
#springfevertuesday +Vesna Krnjic
#todaytuesday +Brian White

(by Christopher Dael)

I'm not sure but I think number 101 is trying to tell us something.

+G+ 365 Project curated by +Simon Kitcher, +Susan Porter +Patricia dos Santos Paton and +Vesna Krnjic
#365project #365group

#repetitivetuesday curated by +Frank Schillinger
#mytowntuesday curated by +Melanie Kintz and +Jamie Furlong
#todaytuesday curated by +Brian White

#signs #mountain #x100

(by Patrick Kelly)


#TodayTuesday by +Brian White
#365Group #365Project by +Susan Porter +Patricia dos Santos Paton +Simon Kitcher +Vesna Krnjic

(by Nicola Davison Reed)

#mytowntuesday #todaytuesday
My gentle attempt back to street photography with my old DSC-H7~i hope i get the guts up again

Lady with a bun

(by Dorothy Pugh)

A tiny leaf beetle (1 mm long) that I saw this morning

#TodayTuesday curated by +Brian White
#BokehTuesday curated by +Bob Baxley +Bokeh Tuesday

(by Alan Bland)

Great Horned Owl and two chicks are nesting high atop a tree early this morning about a mile from my office. The fuzzy lump between mom and baby is the second chick, which raised its head shortly after this shot. This is my favorite of the series since mom and baby are both staring at me. I wasn't as close as this photo makes it appear, but I wasn't intent on getting any closer and didn't hang around very long. This is a close crop with a 300mm telephoto lens from a hundred or so feet away.

#TodayTuesday #WildlifeWednesday

(by Andrew Tauriainen)

Experimenting (messing around) for #MyTownTuesday, curated by +Melanie Kintz and +Jamie Furlong, +My Town Tuesday, and #TodayTuesday, curated by +Brian White.

(by Carlos Duarte)

Day 115 – a window to the past

Who knows what that window has shown, when this house was a home?
I always feel sad to see these lovely buildings abandoned. I have more shots of this one, and hopefully I will be able to post them in the next days.

This one goes for my #365project (day 115), curated by +Simon Kitcher, +Susan Porter, +Patricia dos Santos Paton and +Vesna Krnjic – +G+ 365 Project

Also for #mytowntuesday, curated by +Melanie Kintz and +Jamie Furlong – +My Town Tuesday

And #tonemaphdrtuesday, curated by +Drew Pion and +Stephanie Suratos

Unfortunately I can tag it also for #tuesdecay curated by +Ian Ference

And still my contribution for #todaytuesday by +Brian White

(by Irmgard Hartmann)

#grasstuesday +Grass Tuesday +Ray Bilcliff +Marilou Aballe
#todaytuesday +TodayTuesday +Brian White

(by Stuart Dyckhoff)

Fishy, fishy

This is my favourite fish in my pond but he/she/it is a coward and I have to resort to sneak tactics to even get a picture. So best I can do is this. The white'ish bars are part of the fence (and not Google's fault) I built when we first moved here to stop mine (and other) children from getting too close.

Submitted for +TodayTuesday #TodayTuesday curated by +Brian White

(by Richard Kralicek)

a drop in the ocean meadow

#todaytuesday by +Brian White
#naturephotography #bokehtuesday #grasstuesday #grasspoker

(by Claudia Ehrhardt)

This bell can be found in front of the parish hall of Zwingli parish. The bell is one of 3 bells from Gnadenkirche (Essen).
The first church was build from 1904 and this bell was made in 1905. Because of damages from war and mining the first one was demolished in 1964. In 1957 the first stone was laid. Again mining damage made it necessary to demolish it, it went out of service in 2002 and 2008 was torn down. But the bells were saved!

My pick for #mytowntuesday run by +Melanie Kintz and +Jamie Furlong . Not to forget #todaytuesday and +Brian White .

(by Tony Escobales)

Would you like to listen to some records?

for +TodayTuesday by +Brian White #TodayTuesday

(by Betty Habash)

#springfevertuesday curated by +Vesna Krnjic
#TodayTuesday curated by +Brian White

(by Ioannis Stampoulis)

for #TodayTuesday curated by +Brian White

Nikon D700
Voigtlander 20mm 3,5

(by Larry Mayer)

A Walk in the Wild

a photo from a hike in the Catalina Mountains north of Tucson, Arizona, just as the sun set, today.

the beauty of the landscape, the richness of the colors, the mystery of the clouds, and the solitude of the mountains all work in harmony to create a synaptic symphony. just wanted to share that, straight from the camera.

#todaytuesday #tucson #sooc

(by Patrice Christian)

Office building as seen from my car window. I can't help myself when I'm waiting at a red light.

#fromthecartuesday is curated by +J. Rae Chipera
#todaytuesday is curated by +Brian White

(by Jasbir S. Randhawa)

What Time Does The Merry-Go-Round Start?!
Blue Rock Pigeon on a Ceiling Fan

For #BirdPoker Funny curated by +Phil Armishaw
For #candidmoodtuesday +CandidMoodTuesday curated by +Paul Scott
For #todaytuesday curated by +Brian White

(by Nina Agi B.)

#todaytuesday by +Brian White

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