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Oceans Away

The primary site for Google is situated in Mountain-View, California — Silicon Valley. It’s been overcast and rainy since I’ve arrived, but that’s okay since, believe it or not, that’s about the best possible weather for photography. Without huge, overhead, translucent diffusers (aka “clouds”) to ensure that everything has light, you’d get some very dark […]

Dead Again

It’s a terrible thing how much we take for granted those that we love every day. There was a time, not too long ago, that I looked forward to being away on this new adventure. Though I knew at the time it would be difficult to leave my wife and my son for the duration, […]

More Google

My last week in Zurich has come to a close. I won’t be back again until May when I bring the rest of my family. It’s been busy with classes in most mornings and a self-learning schedule for the rest of the day (plus various talks and meetings). I surely haven’t been idle.

This week, […]

The Google Experience

My first week of work for Google is now over and what a week it has been. It’s frustrating in a way because I’ve learned about so many cool and interesting (to geeks) things and yet I’m not supposed to talk about them. <sigh> C’est la vie!

So what can I say? It’s a great […]


Pain! Oh, wait… That’s how I started yesterday. It’s not as bad today anyway.

Tired! I went to bed last night around 11pm but my body still hasn’t adjusted to local time and so decided it was time to wake up after a 3-hour late-afternoon nap. <sigh> I did eventually get back to sleep around […]

Getting Around Town

Pain! I’m not used to the amount of walking I did the first day/night I was in Zurich. My heels ached this morning and my shins shouted at me every time I took steps downhill. It eased up as soon as I got moving but I wisely bought a 24hr tram ticket for my trip […]

In The Beginning

Standing up can be a bit painful after being in a chair for 8 hours. My knee was still somewhat twisted from the way I had been sleeping, but I was finally here in Zurich and ready to start a new adventure.

My first thought while heading up the walkway from the plane was that […]