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Camille France White (pronounced “cam-EE”, the French way) was born on February 28th at 5:40pm EST. She weighed in at 3516g (7lb, 12oz) and was 51cm (20″) long.

Mom, Dad, and baby girl are all doing just fine, though big brother Christophe seems a little unsure. Tonight […]

Homeward Bound

My first four weeks at Google headquarters have come to an end. Now I get to go home for a few weeks and witness the birth of our second child. I’ve had my bags packed for a week now, ready to hop on the next flight home should I get “the call”. Incidentally, I now […]

An Enriching Experience

I took a tour of Palo Alto to see some of the local sights. Unfortunately, the Pulgas Water Temple was unreachable because of a closed road, but it did detour me to Filoli. If you don’t recognize it from the photographs, this is the house that was used as the setting for the 1980’s show […]


As long as I’m in the area, I might as well photograph what is probably the most photographed bridge in the entire world.

I drove up to San Francisco on Saturday, but it wasn’t a very good trip. The weather was bad (too bad to be “good”) to the point where I didn’t […]

The Long Way Down

Have I mentioned how good Google is to work for? The sent pretty much the entire company on a 2-day skip trip to Lake Tahoe this week. That’s right… During the week, on their time! They also had a great party that night with a fantastic band and, of course, great food! And that was […]

King’s Canyon

Adjacent to Sequoia National Park is King’s Canyon National Park. I spent the second day of the weekend there. Unfortunately, most of it is closed during the winter months even when there is very little snow. I don’t have much to show for it other than this one panorama. It’s actually stitched from 15 separate […]

Really Big Trees

This past weekend I drove up to Sequoia National Park to see the oldest and largest living things on Earth. Of course, I took lots of pictures, but I immediately ran in to the problem of scale. The difficulty with taking a photograph of something very large is that the impression is lost to the […]

A Week at the ‘Plex

This ends my first week at the GooglePlex (or, simply, “The Plex”). It’s not like Zurich, that’s for sure. There are some 4000 employees here, spread out in more buildings than I care to count. The atmosphere is a cross between a typical big company and a university campus, especially at meal time.