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The Long Way Down

Acrobatics ShowHave I mentioned how good Google is to work for? The sent pretty much the entire company on a 2-day skip The Bandtrip to Lake Tahoe this week. That’s right… During the week, on their time! They also had a great party that night with a fantastic band and, of course, great food! And that was just one of the three rooms.

Free SnacksI seem to get out skiing, on average, about once per year, maybe less. They didn’t have a lot of snow this year, but the weather was so good I didn’t even need gloves except when I went to the very top of the mountain. Google had little booths at the bottom where you could get hot chocolate, cookies, brownies, or smores. The smores were really great because they actually gave you all the fixings and something like a fondue pot to make them. And, of course, it was all free.

Google ScarfThe biggest downer of the trip was that I was pretty much alone the whole time. I couldn’t find any of my group here at work and really don’t know that many people. It was easy to tell the Googlers on the hill because we were all give scarves in the Google colors, but there are just too many people here in Mountain-View to have much chance of seeing one of the few people I know.

I found myself thinking of a day, many years ago in Kimberley, B.C. when I went skiing on the hill there with my friend Mark. In my memory, the ski hill in Kimberley was pretty large, seemingly similar to Tahoe. I’m sure that’s not true, but size is always relative to what you are used to (like the Giant Sequoia Trees). Why I remember that day with Mark, I don’t know. Maybe because it was a nice day; maybe because of the chair lifts; or maybe just because that was one of the best days of skiing I remember.

Entrance The Bar (1 of 3) Relax’n By The Fire


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