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As long as I’m in the area, I might as well photograph what is probably the most photographed bridge in the entire world.

Golden Gate Bridge

I drove up to San Francisco on Saturday, but it wasn’t a very good trip. The weather was bad (too bad to be “good”) to the point where I didn’t even want to get out of the car. As night came though, the rain stopped and I was able to get out to get some pictures of the bridge. Even this was limited because the wind was blowing so hard that the camera would sway on the tripod.

Evening Bridge

Eventually, the police came to inform us that the road we were on was now closed (as of sunset) and we’d have to leave. At first, I thought the new place I found wasn’t as good because you couldn’t see the city as well behind the bridge, but in the end I like this next view better because of the dramatic difference between the two towers. The lights from the bridge and from the city also created some amazing colors. There is as much color at night as there is during the day; it’s just not recorded by our eyes.

Night Bridge

These last pictures were taken earlier in the day. There nothing spectacular, but I like the color of them.

flower1.jpg flower2.jpg flower3.jpg

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