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In To The City

After three days, we’re finally getting over our jet-lag and the shock of leaving everything behind. Camille seemed to have the easiest time of both those. Christophe asked once to go home and the first night wouldn’t go back to his new bed after awaking around 5am. He ended up sleeping with me on the […]

We’re Here!

(I don’t have my computers yet so no way to access the photos I’ve taken. I’ll try to add some at a later time but for now it’s just text.)

Does it count as a new day when you never finished the previous one? A mad rush to finish everything on Wednesday before catching our […]

New Address

It’s now two days before we move to Zurich. Here is our new address:

Schäfligrabenstrasse 31 8304 Wallisellen Switzerland

Of Airlines and Men

When you live in Canada, the easiest airline to fly when traveling between countries is Air Canada. I can say, however, that I will avoid these crooks in the future if at all possible. I can’t believe their arrogance. Here’s what happened…

I’m flying home on Easter weekend from California to see my family in […]