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We’re Here!

(I don’t have my computers yet so no way to access the photos I’ve taken. I’ll try to add some at a later time but for now it’s just text.)

Does it count as a new day when you never finished the previous one? A mad rush to finish everything on Wednesday before catching our flight left us with no chance for the reality of the moment to sink in. Add to that two kids (even such amazingly well behaved ones as ours were) and there is just no time to come to grips with what is happening.

Upon arriving in Zurich, we were met by a woman from the relocation company who helped us find our poor cat (90 minutes and trips to four different offices) and then took us to our place. It’s sparsely furnished at the moment (rental until our furniture arrives) which makes it feel somewhat empty and sterile.

Of course, we were immediately faced with all the things we failed to bring with us on the plane, like towels and a stroller for the baby. When both kids were finally asleep at the same time, we both went through the “What the hell have we done?!?” phase. We had it pretty good in Ottawa and we have nothing here yet.

Some naps on our parts helped somewhat and we walked around the local neighborhood some. There’s a great recreation center just down the road with indoor and outdoor pools as well as fitness classes and the like.

It was a hot a humid day but the night was cool and fragrant (largely from the neighbor’s rose garden) and it was nice to sit on the terrace for a while talking about things we would need to get. It’s going to get expensive soon.

Now it’s 9:30pm and time for bed. Some things haven’t changed.

1 comment to We’re Here!

  • Granpidou

    We are never as ready as we thought. Yes, we should have thought of the stroller and the towels and ……….. Hope they had dishes and bed ware. When we arrived in India way back, we had beds but no mattress so you’re a step ahead. Not a very comforting comment but things will get better once your baggage arrives and you can hang your personal stuff. That will help make it somewhat like your home in Ottawa ‘but smaller’!!!.
    It always takes time to settle in and get adapted to the culture, customs and the neighbourhood. You’ll see what a month will do. The children will likely adapt quicker. As for the cat, it will take him (her) time. Take it a day at a time. Moves are always disrupting, even in Canada when you move from city to city but I must admit that solutions are easier to come by. In a pinch, you can always contact Myriam. She is the Swiss person living in Zurich. I can send you her email. Tell me when your email is up.
    Love to be there to help you. Love to all and hugs to F, C and C.

    Granpido and Gransy

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