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In To The City

After three days, we’re finally getting over our jet-lag and the shock of leaving everything behind. Camille seemed to have the easiest time of both those. Christophe asked once to go home and the first night wouldn’t go back to his new bed after awaking around 5am. He ended up sleeping with me on the sofa downstairs.

Our neighors downstairs seem really nice, though we haven’t met them yet. They left a stroller and some toys along with a nice card for the “new Canadian Family”. They have three kids, the youngest about Christophe’s age. There is also a little girl his age in the building next to ours. It was quite funny to watch him talk to her from the terrace in English and her respond from the ground in Swiss-German and yet it really sounded like they were having a conversation.

Today we took the train in to Zurich and wandered around for a couple hours. I think I got to show my family about three square blocks of the city is all but we all had a good time. Christophe really enjoyed riding the train. He ended up skipping his nap today and so fell right asleep when he went to bed. That’s better than yesterday when he didn’t doze off until around 10pm or so but let’s hope he doesn’t get up too early in the morning because of it.

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  • Terry & Carla

    We are thinking of you guys and after reading your blog…feeling a bit guilty about being stressed about our move 2 doors away! We are praying that your transition is smooth and that it really begins to feel like a great adventure and not a “what have we done?” deal!

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