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If I Ran The Zoo

I’m a little late posting this, but on our second weekend in Switzerland we too Christophe to the zoo. I don’t think he got quite enough sleep the night before because he was somewhat cranky but he generally enjoyed seeing all the animals. We saw snakes and penguins and elephants and lions and seals.

When I think of a zoo, I think of rows of cages each with a different animal.  I guess zoos used to be that way when I was a kid but now there are very few bars.  They’ve done a good job to make you feel like you’re right there with them and that they’re in a semi-natural habitat.  Sure, if you look you’ll see moats and the like hidden around the edge to ensure that the people are safe and the animals can’t escape but for the most part it’s a much better style than it used to be.

2 comments to If I Ran The Zoo

  • Mom

    It was really bad when I was little. It had changed some but not a whole lot when I took you as a child, But I guess like all things change builds upon itself and grows exponentially.

  • Lisa B

    I heard there used to be a Zoo under Buckingham palace – no idea if this is true.
    I know there was one on the riverbank in Winnipeg during the 1950’s.

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