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After seven weeks, we almost have everything unpacked. It’s been a busy couple weeks for us. Last weekend we finally got a vehicle: a 2002 Opal Zafira minivan. Yes, I’ve become a minivan owner. Does that count against my image of an exotic world traveller?

It’s small as minivans go, which is a good thing here. Even small it can be difficult to get out of in the parking lot of local stores. The back doors swing open rather than side back so getting Camille out in her carrier can be difficult in cramped locaions. Still, it seats seven in a pinch so we won’t have to make Dad walk to the restaurant while the rest of us drive.

Yesterday we took it for our first real drive as a family. We decided to drive up to Uetliberg which is at the top of a small mountain just west of Zurich. The “Top of Zurich” hotel is up there and they say that on a clear day you can see Austria. The guide book gives instructions on how to get there via the train but we thought we’d drive for a change.

You can’t get there by car. Our TomTom GPS navigator had us going along these gravel back roads which probably did get there but we believe are intended for cargo or other official vehicles. Normal people need to take the train and do a 7-minute uphil hike from the last station to the top. They have an official parking lot a few stations back we eventually found and then took the train. It definitely would have been easier this time to take the train from the start.

Today we’re going to visit some friends and go on a picnic.

Sorry for the lack of photos but the computer is in the living room and I’m trying to keep wires to a minimum. I hope to rectify this soon.

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