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The Kids’ First Camping Trip

So… After 2 years, perhaps it’s time to write another post. Maybe France or I will even write up some of the trips we’ve taken in the meanwhile.

At The Tent

We took the kids camping for the first time at Walensee (near Flumserberg). Serious campers wouldn’t call it camping, of course, but it was a reasonable introduction for kids 2 and 4 years old. The location was just a field where you paid a fee and pitched a tent beside everybody else. The kids had a blast sleeping together in a tent! The first night they talked and giggled until almost 11pm. Camille even stayed awake longer, until about midnight.

Walking AlongToo Tired To WalkA big ski area was close by so the first day we took a gondola up and went for a hike, stopping for lunch when we got hungry. After that, though, Camille started to get tired/cranky and we headed back down for her nap. Being a warm, sunny day, however, it was too hot in the tent to stay and she didn’t want to lie down outside. What can you do?

The hike was rather amusing because there were stations along the way with various exercises:

AerobicsWeight Lifting

The field was next to a lake where we took the kids swimming. The bottom wasn’t too nice on the feet but it was nice to not have stinging eyes from chlorine. After an hour or so, Camille was too tired for even that to keep her awake so we spread a blanket out under a tree and Dad stayed with her. We both ended up taking a nap.

Free PlayIt started to rain about the time we made dinner (sausages over an open fire) and we ate inside the tent. After dinner the rain had stopped so we played in the nearby playground until time for bed. The kids didn’t stay awake nearly as long this time. :-)

dsc_2911Our last day we did just went sight-seeing, did some more swimming, and then packed up for the drive home.

It’s obviously been a long time since I did camping. Had we really been far from civilization, it would have been fun trying to cook without a stove.

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