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Mallorca Sand Castles

With my parents visiting, it seemed a good time to get away and relax so we went to the beach in Puerto Pollensa, Spain.  A 1½-hour flight in the afternoon got us to the island and a 45 minute bus ride took us to the northern tip.  We made the mistake of not letting Camille nap before leaving and she didn’t fall asleep on the plane until the last 10 minutes.  It’s always tiring traveling with kids, but a 2½-year old in need of her nap makes it much worse.

Two Generations

We didn’t do a lot of touring while we were there; the point was to relax, not recreate.  We moved between two different beaches and the hotel pool and took a harbor cruise one afternoon, but that was the extent of our travels.  The kids got a pony ride one afternoon as well.

Camille's Pony Ride

France got sick for a couple days with “La Tourista” and Papa had an upset stomach one day, but everybody else was okay.

The Men In The Harbor

Both of the kids are really taking to the water.  Christophe spent so much time in the pool and the Sea that he could barely open his eyes at the end of the day for the sting of it.  He’d never admit that they hurt, though, when playing in the pool for fear we’d make him stop.

Building Castles

Camille wears floats on her arms but would jump into the deep pool all by herself, ask for help climbing back out, and then do it again. She’s tough!  Once while playing in the shallow Sea without floats, she tripped and went under.  I (Brian) grabbed her arm and pulled her up within two seconds but I could see her eyes wide with fear/shock under the surface of the salty water as I reached for her.  She didn’t make a peep afterwards, despite the fear she must have felt and the sting than must have been in her eyes.  No cries; no sobs; no tears.  She just gave me a big hug and held on tight for a minute or so before getting down and resuming her play.

Ready For The Beach

The highlight of the evening for the kids was the “mini disco” at the hotel where an announcer would lead them through funny dances.  Sometimes he got the audience (i.e. parents) to participate as well — thank goodness there are no photos of that!

Harbor Tour

The best feature of the hotel was the pool, which was big, with occasional scheduled games, and excellent ummm… “scenery” around it.  ☺  The hotel itself was fine (though France seems to think it should have been better) with the small exception of some ants trying to overrun our bathroom.  A little RAID took care of that for the most part.

Water Polo (sort-of)

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