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Single in Budapest – May 2010

My friend Dvora and I decided to leave our kids and husbands at home for a weekend trip to Budapest, Hungary. We had a very early morning flight out of Zurich. After settling in our hotel room, we took a walk around town. Later, we took an organized bus tour which worked out since it […]

Easter in London — April 2010

We decided to visit the Queen during Christophe’s spring break. We took one of those cool taxi cabs where you sit facing each other to our apartment hotel. It was cold and rainy of course but we did manage to see the sun a few times. We did the touristy stuff, i.e. rode on the […]

Austria – February 2010

For Christophe’s winter break, we decided to go skiing in Brand, Austria. It was only a 90-min drive. Our kinderhotel (hotel that caters to kids) was at the base of the beginner run which was great. All we had to do was walk Christophe over for his lessons. He was at the beginner hill the […]


With my parents visiting, it seemed a good time to get away and relax so we went to the beach in Puerto Pollensa, Spain. A 1½-hour flight in the afternoon got us to the island and a 45 minute bus ride took us to the northern tip. We made the […]

Prague For Two


France and I abandoned the kids for four days and headed off to Praha (Prague) in the Czech Republic for some time to ourselves. We left them some open cereal boxes and a big dish of water, so I’m sure they’ll be just fine without us.

A train ride would have taken 12 hours […]


Mom is visiting right now (Dad to arrive a bit later) so we decided to head off to Füssen and see “mad” King Ludvig’s Castle, the original upon which Walt Disney based the one at Disneyland. Though it had be beautiful weather all the previous week, we had a nice rain storm for our trip […]

The Kids’ First Camping Trip

So… After 2 years, perhaps it’s time to write another post. Maybe France or I will even write up some of the trips we’ve taken in the meanwhile.

We took the kids camping for the first time at Walensee (near Flumserberg). Serious campers wouldn’t call it camping, of course, but it was a reasonable […]

Too Much Fun

Mom has come to visit for a while and so we took a week-long trip down through France and Italy to show her some of the local sights. Over eight days, we visited seven different cities: Bern, Geneva, Lyon, Grenoble, Turino, Milano, and Lugano.

This was, perhaps, overly ambitious as it meant moving from one […]


After seven weeks, we almost have everything unpacked. It’s been a busy couple weeks for us. Last weekend we finally got a vehicle: a 2002 Opal Zafira minivan. Yes, I’ve become a minivan owner. Does that count against my image of an exotic world traveller?

It’s small as minivans go, which is a good thing […]

If I Ran The Zoo

I’m a little late posting this, but on our second weekend in Switzerland we too Christophe to the zoo. I don’t think he got quite enough sleep the night before because he was somewhat cranky but he generally enjoyed seeing all the animals. We saw snakes and penguins and elephants and lions and seals.

When […]